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The Crystal Axis

‘The Crystal Axis’ is midnight juggernauts’ second album - their first since ‘Dystopia’ launched the Australian trio into a vortex of global intrigue. For those who arrived late, andrew szekeres, vincent vendetta and daniel stricker had pursued an organic course through multiple indie EPs, singles, and retro-futurist videos before they found themselves hailed as de facto pioneers of a perceived new frontier of “indie-dance” circa 2007/08. But the infinite unknowns of musical imagination will always make light of such musty generic pigeonholes. “We’ve always seen ourselves as a band that continues to push itself and evolve,” says vincent. “We could see that the scenes we’d been linked with had crossed over to larger audiences — and that’s great. We could easily had made more music in that vein, but for this time round we decided to take a more unpredictable path, to explore a few new tangents.” Ground zero for ‘The Crystal Axis’ was live experimentation. Having spent much of 2008 satisfying a raging hunger on the worldwide stage — from Australia’s Big Day Out to Coachella, Fuji Rock, Glastonbury and the Montreaux Jazz Festival — the juggernauts were bristling with the kind of intuitive performance chemistry that demands spontaneous creativity.


01. Induco
02. Vital Signs
03. Lifeblood Flow
04. This New Technology
05. Lara Versus The Machine
06. The Great Beyond
07. Cannibal Freeway
08. Virago
09.Winds Of Fortune
10. Dynasty
11. Lemuria
12. Fade To Red